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Packing ServicesDee & Dee Relocations always ensure that your items are packed very carefully using BAR approved packing materials and techniques with each item being packed with the correct materials and placed in the correct container for the removal. If you decide to do your own packing, when moving with us, we will supply you with a limited amount of packing materials FREE.

We offer three types of packing services

Full packing serviceFULL PACK which consist of packing all items, into our own cartons and loading them onto our vehicles

Fragiles packing serviceHALF PACKING service which consists of packing all fragile items such as glass, pictures, mirrors etc

Export packing serviceEXPORT PACKING service where your items will be export wrapped and added to an inventory which both parties will have a copy of, to ensure the safety of your goods whilst in transit.

Self Pack4. SELF PACK If you decide to carry out your own packing Dee & Dee relocations will provide you with a selection of packing materials suitable for your relocation FREE of charge and as far in advance of your removal date as possible. Any additional materials required can also be purchased, see our packing material section for a full list.

If you have concerns over the safety of some certain items, then you can discuss this with our sales representative who will be more than happy to assist.


Wardrobe cartons are supplied with the vehicle, on the day of the removal

Local Deliveries Only

We offer a FREE local delivery service of your packing materials from our depot. A small surcharge is in force for those who are not moving with us. Alternately if you would prefer to collect the materials yourself then please contact our offices to confirm availability.


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Box type
Box Size (inch)
Ideal Use For
Small Box (PK6)18x13x13Small delicate items
Large Box (PK2)18x18x20General household effects
Wardrobe Carton18x20x49Hanging clothes.(Inc rail)
Packing Paper Colour paper used to wrap effects.
Acid Free Tissue Paper Special protection for silverware.
Adhesive Tape White polypropylene tape
Mattress Cover 1 Single mattresses
Mattress Cover 2 Double mattresses
Mattress Cover 3 King-size mattresses
Small Bubble Wrap500mm x 100mIdeal for fragile items
Medium Bubble Wrap750mm x 100mIdeal for pictures / mirrors
Large Bubble Wrap1500mm x 100mIdeal for very, large items
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